Exercise Opportunities for Law Enforcement

In today’s world, there is no way to be prepared for EVERY single scenario that may come our way.  Or is there?  Our best indication of our future is our past.  There have been many learning lessons throughout the history of law enforcement.  The Blue Cell has studied many of these incidents and we have created exercise packages to help aid your team in being prepared for many “What if?” situations that could arise.  

Here at The Blue Cell, we have several options to bring to your team.  They help answer the questions that your training has already taught you -- What first? Then what is next?  We offer in person and online tabletop exercises as well as exercises and exercise packages meant for you to take back to your team to help walk through steps that might be taken in the event of one of these real life based scenarios.

Read more about what we offer with virtual or in person tabletop exercises in this article:  Virtual Emergency & Disaster Management Tabletop Exercises - The Way of The Future!

We offer a variety of real-life based scenarios in Exercise Kits to practice with your partners so that you can be ready for any situation. 

In this package, you buy 5 and get 1 free for the Soft & Vulnerable Targets Exercise Package

Other individual kits include:

Soft & Vulnerable Targets - Open Air Restaurant/Cafe Attack Tabletop Exercise

Soft & Vulnerable Targets - Hotel Attack Tabletop Exercise 

Soft & Vulnerable Targets - Movie Theater Attack Tabletop Exercise

Soft & Vulnerable Targets - Nightclub Attack Tabletop Exercise 

Soft & Vulnerable Targets - Pedestrian Walkway Attack Tabletop Exercise

There are many other exercise packages with other themes and scenarios that would apply to the Law Enforcement world as well.  Further, if you want an even stronger team, your officers in supervisorial positions should absolutely earn their certificates in ICS 300 and ICS 400.  

Contact us for more details! 

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                                                                                                                                                                    MelMelanie Binversie Virtual FEMA Training The Blue Cell anie Binversie is a Marine Corps wife and mother of three originally from rural Virginia but is currently living in Aurora, Colorado. She earned a Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude in Emergency Management and a Minor in Intelligence Studies from American Military University in West Virginia.  Melanie has previously worked for many years in Fire and EMS, a lab technician and also as a medic at a jail.  She has earned many awards including Fort Belvoir Military Spouse of the Year and Heroes at Home Marine Corps Spouse of the Year.  In her free time Melanie loves to read, write, go camping with her family and travel around the world.

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