The Blue Cell is proud to have completed hundreds of traditional in person trainings for tens of thousands of students since 2009.

Students have come from numerous key federal agencies such as FEMA, NOAA, the Military, the Wildland Community and the Civil Air Patrol. We have also served NGOs members, Team Rubicon and the Red Cross.

Our work has also extensively touched Tribal communities and the private sector. 

Traditional agency participants include fire, EMS, law enforcement, hospitals, public health, public works, airports, and of course emergency management.  

ICS Refresher and Review

ICS 300 -Expanding Incidents

ICS 400 -Complex Incidents

ICS 402 -For Senior and Elected Officials 

HICS -Hospital Incident Command

L-900 Series-FEMA Position Specific Training

0-305 Type 3 All Hazard Incident Management Team Training 

FEMA G Series of Courses 

And of course our Flagship Course NE-001-COMM Advanced Planning Concepts: Developing Incident Action Plans 

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