Who issues our In Person and Virtual Course Certificates  ?

The Blue Cell works with multiple State Training Officers where we have ongoing contracts ( South Dakota, Wyoming, Alaska and Iowa ). When we do a course for those State Training Officers, those States issue an official certificate with the appropriate seals and signatures as the authorized FEMA entity. 

The majority of our courses are conducted from our broadcast location in Colorado. The State Training Officer for the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management has vetted all of our, policies and practices. 

The Blue Cell does NOT issue "G", "ICS" or "L" Certificates. Please see below and example of the typical certificate that is conveyed.

G191 State Certificate Example



What makes The Blue Cell different from other training entities?

The Blue Cell is the premier emergency and disaster management training company.  Our trainers are the highly experienced in real world situations, from national incidents and planned events creating the most up to date information for discussion while instructing for your agency, department or company. 

Why should you consider online training for your management response needs?

Online training can meet a variety of needs for the largest or smallest department or the solo volunteer to meet their training requirements.  Virtual emergency management courses save money and time.  By completing an online class, our students are able to save travel costs to either come to The Blue Cell's training facility in person or it will save funds by having the instructor teach online rather than incurring travel fees.  Further, The Blue Cell offers online weekend classes so even the busiest professional can fit these required classes into their schedule.  Finally, given the global pandemic, The Blue Cell's virtual classes allows training to continue safely. 

Who can benefit from The Blue Cell's Courses?

We offer a variety of training and exercises that benefit basically anyone!  We have participants from private, government, and volunteer sector.  We have had attendees in the following professions:  Firefighting, Law Enforcement, EMS, Hospitals, Health Departments, Energy/Utility Companies, Airports, Private Security Companies and Volunteer Organizations to include Team Rubicon, United Way, Salvation Army and Red Cross.  With our vast course catalog, there is a class for you.  Our most popular classes are ICS300, ICS400, ICS191, and ICS2300.

Aside from Online/Virtual Emergency and Disaster Management Classes, what other products do you offer?

We offer more than just online Emergency & Disaster Management Classes.  We have created traditional exercises where we bring our professionals to your location or you may bring your team to The Blue Cell's Integrated Training Center to discover that the best way to learn is hands on and face to face.  Aside from online or virtual Emergency & Disaster Management courses, we also offer online self-paced courses.  Our course catalog includes courses relevant to many disciplines including crisis management, active shooter courses, emergency leadership, planning and management, homeland security exercise evaluation program, HSEEP, leadership crisis, public health emergency management, safety management, risk and disaster management, and workplace violence training. 

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer special pricing on private session group buyouts. To inquire on a buyout, contact Jim Erickson at jimerickson@thebluecell.com.    We also offer other discount codes frequently - All you have to do is simply subscribe to our emails to receive the insider information!

How Do Refunds and Cancellation Work ?

Refund requests made via email up to the 5 day window of the course start are evaluated on a case by case basis.  We will attempt to re-schedule the participant into another session. ( with so many sessions available we will attempt  to re-register the participant for up to 6 months). If an accommodation cannot be made, a full refund will be granted. Refund requests within the 5 day window of a course start will follow the same process of attempted re-schedule, however if an accommodation cannot be made, no refund will be granted.

What is The Blue Cell Team ?

Over time the creators of The Blue Cell Ready Team and the Bravo Charlie Ready envisioned three things in this concept:

  • -Institutionalizing as many aspects of the Incident Command System / NIMS and Organizational Leadership into the functioning of this community
  • -Focusing the effort of sharing information and tools with the professionals and practitioners who value such effort and believe in ICS /NIMS and its proper application
  • -Using doctrine and lessons learned to get better from one incident, course or exercise to next to always seek improvement in the vocation of being an ICS advocate

To be invited to the teams monthly resource sharing and FREE tools and capabilities you must be a previous Blue Cell student or have participated in a Blue Cell exercise.