NIMS Courses in New York

NIMS Courses in New York

What is NIMS?

NIMS stands for National Incident Command System, and it was established by FEMA to provide a variety of agencies and organizations an extensive, standardized approach to addressing emergencies and disruptions. This approach to dealing with emergencies is outlined in the Incident Command System, or ICS. The ICS employs a very rigid, military-like structure that will take precedence over all others in the event of an emergency, keeping all parties involved in emergency response focused on the same things and on the same page. This structure does include a lot of complex terminology and different job titles, responsibilities, and positions that can be confusing, but NIMS training courses help clarify everything. NIMS exercises put these things into practice so individuals and organizations can practice being effective emergency responders. An individual must complete several NIMS courses in New York and display proficiency in the exercises before being certified in the state.

Whether an emergency is a natural disaster like a severe storm or flooding, a man-made threat like acts of terrorism, or an accident like a hazardous material spill, NIMS and ICS help organizations in their response so they’re better equipped to meet the demands of the emergency and can reduce the negative effects. NIMS courses in New York and the accompanying NIMS exercises can help your organization be a better part of emergency management in your state whenever the need arises.


Why is NIMS Important to New York?

Considering how many people call New York the city home and the fact that it was the site of the most infamous terror attack in American history, the importance of NIMS in New York should be very obvious. Outside of the Big Apple, there are natural disasters like winter storms, flooding, and hurricanes that threaten the state’s residents. In fact, New York has declared the seventh most disaster declarations of any state, according to FEMA.

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What do NIMS Courses in New York Entail?

NIMS courses in New York will train emergency response personnel extensively to ensure they have a thorough understanding of all core NIMS concepts. Courses also teach best practices for how to create an emergency response plan, the best ways to manage resources during an emergency, and how personnel, communications, procedures, and facilities are all integrated into a standard organizational structure.


What are NIMS Courses for New Yorkers Like?

NIMS exercises can include functional exercises, full-scale exercises, workshops, drills, seminars, and games. All reinforce the methodology, policy, standardized guidance, and language taught in the courses.


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