At The Blue Cell, LLC in a traditional exercise role we provide design, exercise execution, expert facilitation and follow through in the  form of after action report consulting and correction action program planning. We utilize and advocate a number of exercise doctrines and employ a number of FEMA certified master exercise practitioners. Understanding and using core capabilities is a key to our exercise track record of success. The Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program provides a standardized policy, guidance, methodology, and language for program and project management, HSEEP facilitates the creation of  self-sustaining, capabilities-based exercise programs by providing program management resources such as guidance, training, technology, and direct support. 

HSEEP policy and guidance for homeland security exercises is based on established best practices. By employing a blended approach that also includes training, technology, and direct support, HSEEP ensures that entities at all levels of government have the tools they need to successfully implement its doctrine and policy. The Blue Cell, LLC also has a number of PROVEN Master Exercise Practitioner Program certified individuals available to assist on any kind or type of exercise.

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