The Blue Cell introduces Virtual Exercise capabilities to meet your team’s ever changing dynamics. We have custom made service packages where we create and facilitate real-world scenarios specifically designed for your location to help you walk through the strengths and weaknesses of your team during a large scale event. These exercises can help you to prepare for a planned event or can help your team identify gaps that need to be filled during a major disaster.  When thinking of large scale events, there are many departments, agencies, companies and organizations that must communicate effectively, account for resources and manage the issues at hand.  Exercises are open to all of these key players in your community or company to gather and discuss their role in the Incident Command System during the issue.  Traditionally The Blue Cell has facilitated drills, table top, functional exercises in person, with the current events of the world, we have transitioned our services to virtual facilitation from our custom built facility to meet the high demand!  Contact Jim Erickson for a custom quote for a virtual team exercise! 

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