We have been asked... Why A New ICS Positions Program?

We have had a tremendous response to last week’s official release of the New ICS Positions & Features Learning Program.  Inquiries have come in from all sorts of disciplines, Fire, Law Enforcement, Public Health, Public Works, Agriculture, EMS, and even the private sector.  Some inquiring have asked questions:

  1. Why is this program needed?  
  2. How is it different from other Position Specific courses?  
  3. Who should take it?

As many of you know, ICS300 and ICS400 courses discuss the Command & General Staff Positions, but those courses do not go in depth into each of the functions positions.  For a long time now we have heard from ICS students that they want to learn more about the different positions, but they cannot get away from their job for a week to take a class on a single position specific course.

To solve this need, the leadership team here at The Blue Cell has put their years of experience in planning, training and exercise to design this new program.  The ICS Positions & Features Learning Program is a series of comprehensive courses on each discipline that will give students a thorough knowledge of the practical application of the ICS Positions in the real world.  They will be able to quickly implement ICS principals in the field, and they will have access to exclusive Blue Cell tools and job aids.

Finally, who is this series of courses created for? Simple! Anyone who is preparing for a planned event, responding to a disaster, or emergency incident.  Whether you are a first responder, hospital staff, government administration, power/utility provider, major event coordinator/security, this course is for you.   

Utilizing modern higher education techniques, (pre-work, self-paced LMS, virtual coaching, capstone project, and ongoing mentorship-24 hour communication access point) students will complete elements of the course at their own pace.  Each position course is anticipated to take a combined 12 hours to complete. 

With the official start of the program set for September, students are currently taking advantage of pre-registration discounting and signing up for the courses.  For more details on the program check out the ICS Positions & Features Learning Program webpage or contact me directly if you have any questions.  jimerickson@thebluecell.com


Jim Erickson The Blue Cell ICS Position Specific Course

Jim Erickson has been working with the Public Safety and Emergency Management industries for 13 years providing hi-speed mass communication services, content and training management solutions, and disaster planning and damage assessment systems.Prior to entering the Public Safety and Emergency Management markets, Jim spent 20 years selling enterprise and government products and services with Moore North America, Rosetta Technologies, and Xerox Corporation.

Jim was born and raised in Southern California and relocated to Colorado with his wife, Ann, in 2000.  They have four sons, whom Jim has helped mentor through The Boy Scouts of America program, as well as many other young men, having served as Scoutmaster, Committee Chairman, and Outdoor Program Advisor.  In addition to enjoying all the outdoor activities the Scouts has to offer, Jim enjoys off-roading in his Jeep and home-brewing.

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