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Contact: Jill Filer

Internal Sales and Marketing Manager


Denver— August 29th, 2023

This week The Blue Cell is celebrating its continued success and is proud to announce the addition of Dawna Whitcomb as our new Projects Manager who will be joining our Team September 11th. Dawna was a member of a county level Emergency Management team in the Midwest with over a decade of experience.  She is also formerly the most recent past President of the Nebraska Association of  Emergency Management.  As The Blue Cells Project Manager Dawna will round out the company’s day-to-day management team that consists of Jill Filer, Sales and Marketing Manager and Zach Manns, Technical Services Manager.  Founding Owner/Managing Partner, Todd Manns was quoted as saying “our new team and organizational approach is designed to take the company into the future and into new areas of service delivery. With that in mind and considering day-to-day effectiveness a big change was appropriate.”

Dawna brings a specific expertise in the understanding and knowledge of grant processes and procedures, understanding the actual rules vs. the ones that are routinely made up on the fly by some in authority and will project a confidence and steady professionalism while speaking truth to power.  She is a subject matter expert with regards to all manner of Homeland Security Granting.  In her Projects Manager position with The Blue Cell, she will touch every project that comes through The Blue Cell, LLCs door from the time of acquisition to the final billing event. Dawna will also be the company lead on all Federal programming interfaces ensuring those rules are adhered to by our various clients, contacts and pass-through entities.

Having  her join as a member of our team is truly humbling as we are very aware that several other organizations recruited her heavily.

The Blue Cell is a by design international training and exercise services company focusing on crisis and consequence management in the public and private sectors emerging in 2020 as the most active company in the world in the emergency management in-person, virtual and hybrid training space.

The Blue Cell, as it approaches its 15th year has a renewed focus on service delivery and contract execution with a new group of high-profile Federal, Local, and Private Sector clients.

For more information contact Jill Filer, Sales and Marketing Manager. Find us at www.thebluecell.com, www.thenimsstore.com or at 800-866-0840 x 3.


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