Use The Blue Cell's TaaS Packages to Simplify Your Training Program!

Simplify your training program

The Blue Cell, the World's most active in-person and virtual Incident Command System and Consequence Management training and exercise company brings you TaaS (Training as a Service).  TaaS Packages make scheduling and coordination of training easy! 

The traditional way of coordinating training is time consuming, costly (especially if it involves travel), and personnel risk COVID exposure.  Furthermore, even if training is local, having staff out of the office and unavailable puts an even bigger strain of resources.  TaaS courses are live virtual instructor led training, so they can be taken from anywhere, including the office.

TaaS Packages available:

  1. Primary TaaS Package: ICS 300, ICS 400, G191, G2300 (starting at a minimum of 5 seats)
  2. Full Course Private Session Buyout Package (FEMA G-series and custom curriculum; minimum 20, not to exceed 30 seats per session)
  3. Mini-Buyout Package (FEMA G-series curriculum; minimum 10 seat purchase)
  4. IMT Development Package (LMS and ICS Courses, Exercise Package, 1 Day Workshop, Command Boards and Team Assessment Report)
  5. Blue Cell Exercise Package (HSEEP consistent templated exercises for agency facilitation)

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TaaS Training as a Service The Blue Cell ICS400 ICS300 Emergency and disaster management


TaaS Training as a Service The Blue Cell ICS400 ICS300 Emergency and disaster management
Jim Erickson The Blue Cell Emergency Training Company Fire Department Training

Jim Erickson has been working with the Public Safety and Emergency Management industries for 13 years providing hi-speed mass communication services, content and training management solutions, and disaster planning and damage assessment systems.Prior to entering the Public Safety and Emergency Management markets, Jim spent 20 years selling enterprise and government products and services with Moore North America, Rosetta Technologies, and Xerox Corporation.

Jim was born and raised in Southern California and relocated to Colorado with his wife, Ann, in 2000.  They have four sons, whom Jim has helped mentor through The Boy Scouts of America program, as well as many other young men, having served as Scoutmaster, Committee Chairman, and Outdoor Program Advisor.  In addition to enjoying all the outdoor activities the Scouts has to offer, Jim enjoys off-roading in his Jeep and home-brewing.

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