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Denver— January 3, 2024 —

The Blue Cell, LLC is proud to announce the sale of its international franchise rights of several key product lines to the Alberta, Canada based The Response Team, Inc. Development and negotiations of this 10 year agreement began in early 2023 and culminated in a multi-day work group meeting and ratification in December at The Blue Cell, LLC’s Interactive Training Center in Aurora, Colorado.

TRT as the International Franchise servicing Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Greece, and The Netherlands will also act as a Master Franchise holder with significant input on product re-design, online presence, branding and new product development.

Initial product lines in the international franchise will be TTX Vault, featuring over 200 pre-canned exercise products available through a new online store. The store will additionally be home to the all new R.A.W. (Resource, Archive, Workbench) product line, a series of pre-canned plans and incident management tools. The sites will also offer several subscription products and adjoining products and services to support the crisis and consequence management needs of government agencies (large and small), fixed facilities, private businesses, airports, hospitals, Colleges and Universities, large corporate campuses and more.

The Blue Cell, LLC Founding Owner / Managing Partner Todd Manns was quoted “This venture is both bold and needed. Events of the last decade globally clearly indicate that the pace at which training, and exercise happens must pick up to continue to prepare the world for the next thing to be thrown at us. These tailored international product lines and delivery approaches help in that endeavor. “

The Blue Cell, LLC will maintain control of the 10 geographically designated franchises areas in the United States through 2024.

The Response Team, Inc. with over 100 years of training experience, is one of Canada’s most comprehensive providers of safety, emergency management, and business continuity training services. We work with a variety of industries and stakeholders across North America including oil and gas, municipalities, aviation, not for profits, NGOs, and others. We want to make sure that you are prepared properly and equipped with the knowledge and skill sets needed before, during and after an incident, emergency, or disaster.

The Response Team has trained hundreds of organizations and individuals to recognize their inner hero by rising to the occasion and doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done.

The Blue Cell, LLC, which began in 2009 operated for a number of years as a sole proprietor LLC primarily conducting training courses. As hundreds and eventually thousands of students attended our courses a number of clients began to inquire about exercise products, simulation capabilities and tools. Over the next few years, a small internal exercise capability was created. In 2012 The Blue Cell, LLC acquired Command School TTX out of Lancaster, PA. This acquisition provided a full exercise archive, over 25 years in the making. Today these redesigned products make up the foundation of the copywritten products for this new venture.

To learn more please contact:


Todd Manns, Founding Owner/Managing Partner- The Blue Cell, LLC.  or

Michael Curtis, President- The Response Team Inc.

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