Getting the Most Out of ICS Training - Industry Centric Courses

Incident Command System (ICS), originally developed in California in the 1970’s, is a standard methodology for command, control, and coordination for emergency response.  Today ICS provides a common operating picture for All Hazards situations. With years of experience in ICS, The Blue Cell has trained thousands of First Responders and Consequence Managers throughout the Country in the principles and application of ICS both in-person and virtually.  


Although the curriculum of ICS is controlled and standardized nationally, discussions and activities can be tailored to the audience. With our large instructor cadre, The Blue Cell regularly leverages instructors with specific backgrounds to deliver industry focused classes. This maximizes student participation and retention by discussing situations the participants are most likely to face. 

Recent industry focused ICS trainings have included but not limited to:

  • Municipal Fire
  • Wildland Fire
  • Law Enforcement
  • Health and Human Services
  • Agriculture
  • Emergency Management
  • Military/DOD
  • Railroad/Transportation
  • Hospital (Hospital Incident Command System -  HICS)
  • Utility and Power
  • Venue and Special Events

What do students and client organizations say about industry centric classes?  Just take a look at some of the recent feedback:

“Knowledgeable instructors with tons of real world experience. They actually make ICS classes enjoyable.”

"This organization, Blue Cell, provides an excellent course. Our agency also has used other companies and I think this is the best one so far." 

“I recently took a class through Blue Cell. The instructor was Excellent, I really enjoyed his knowledge and enthusiasm!  Great Experience!”

“What amazing training. I sign up for Blue Cell classes any chance I get. The trainings are engaging and above all, practical!”

Want training that is relevant to your organization and industry?  Contact us at The Blue Cell for private session pricing (800) 866-0840.

"The Nation's most active in-person and virtual Incident Command System and Consequence Management training company."

If your company or department is interested in a substantial, per seat discount, consider a course buyout.  Explore this option by contacting Jim Erickson at

Jim Erickson The Blue Cell Emergency Management Virtual Training ICS300 ICS400
Jim Erickson has been working with the Public Safety and Emergency Management industries for 13 years providing hi-speed mass communication services, content and training management solutions, and disaster planning and damage assessment systems.Prior to entering the Public Safety and Emergency Management markets, Jim spent 20 years selling enterprise and government products and services with Moore North America, Rosetta Technologies, and Xerox Corporation.
Jim was born and raised in Southern California and relocated to Colorado with his wife, Ann, in 2000.  They have four sons, whom Jim has helped mentor through The Boy Scouts of America program, as well as many other young men, having served as Scoutmaster, Committee Chairman, and Outdoor Program Advisor.  In addition to enjoying all the outdoor activities the Scouts has to offer, Jim enjoys off-roading in his Jeep and home-brewing.
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