Fortune 1000 Project

.As man-made and natural disasters continue to increasingly impact people around the world, planning and response efforts continue to evolve in the public and private sectors. 

 Lessons learned from major events are leading to a new way of thinking, new technology and new response and preparedness partners. We no longer have only first responders sitting at the table as we train and prepare for the disasters of the 21st century. Large business owners, manufacturers, warehouses and a variety of other business sectors are beginning to work more closely with emergency management on a local, state, and national level. The Community Lifelines that are being established with these partner companies and communities are critical and provide a unity of planning and response that allows for a quicker return to normal day to day operations. 

Many large companies have Continuity of Operations (COOP) plans and resilience and response planning. While the names of these plans and the titles of the positions involved may differ from traditional emergency management, incident experience is showing there is much crossover and opportunities to sync efforts with local responders and higher-level emergency management. A business prepared to deal with adversity not only enhances response and recovery efforts within their business and for their employees, but also within the communities they do business in. These opportunities can be realized through planning, training, and exercises internally and with external response partners. 

Realizing the importance of this evolving partnership between the private sector and local emergency response and management has led us to create The Blue Cell Fortune 1000 project. With this project we are focusing on the needs of large companies in regard to their most vital business ventures and enterprises in preparedness, response and recovery from disasters or major incidents. 

Having done business with over a dozen companies on the Fortune 1000 list and applying a decade and half of experience in the public sector space, The Blue Cell can now apply key lessons learned and tailor the needs of multiple large businesses to address resiliency, business continuity, and worker welfare.

To learn more about the unique set of products and services The Blue Cell's has to offer Fortune 1000 companies or to schedule training and exercises, please contact our Fortune 1000 Account Executive Dan Stutz at or by phone 720-722-8080.

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