Celebrating 13 Years of ICS & Consequence Management Training and Exercise

Reflections from the Founder and Managing Partner at The Blue Cell, LLC

It's difficult to not feel just a little nostalgic as The Blue Cell, LLC begins its 13th year of existence on July 1st. A lot has happened in the span of 12 years. It is remarkable how year 12, one that no one is likely to forget anytime soon, brought us back to our roots and allowed us to re-engage with many company friends and contacts from our humble beginnings.  

We are proud to be able to say that one of our earliest students in ICS has ascended to the position of FEMA administrator. In our virtual offerings we have been able to expand our student body to an international audience with students from the UK, UAE, Greece, Hong Kong, Canada, Liberia and across the Caribbean. Our virtual training courses have really taken off since we fully partnered again with our home State of Colorado/Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.  We have re-established an equally unique NGO / private partnership of service delivery with the Colorado Wildland Fire and Incident Management Academy. In 2019 we were surprised and honored to find one of the first intellectual products that we ever created, our All-Hazard complexity analysis, is now included in the new ICS position specific training curriculum at the Federal level. 

Watch our 'how to' video from 2017. The Blue Cell All Hazard Complexity Analysis was private logoed for a number of Blue Cell customers from 2010 to 2017. Current Copyright © 2021.

Not All Roses:  In 2021 we suffered the disappointment of the cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline project for which we had received an unprecedented sole source, seven figure contract to provide an IMT of Law Enforcement experienced personnel.  However, in the same week of that official announcement we were contacted by a true friend of the company, with whom we hadn’t spoken for over a decade, to discuss some potential work for one of the world‘s  leading technology companies. 

It is business, so it has its ups and downs and highs and lows. We are proud to have executed a successful economic recovery from 2020. We have posted the highest 2 months earnings in the company’s history recently, and the strongest single quarterly earnings ever in the 2nd quarter of 2021. 

As a black and veteran owned company, we are navigating the new landscape of social awareness by staying true to what got us here in the first place. Superior service delivery, at a fair price, with a constant eye to innovation. 

We will debut a new series of courses in July to begin year 13 with a completely new approach in terms of student interaction, student learning responsibility and ongoing mentoring. 

Thank you to the thousands of students and clients from the FIRST 12 years, we look forward to serving you for many more.  

-Todd Manns


Todd Manns The Blue Cell Consequence and Disaster Management Training

Todd Manns, Founder and Managing Partner at The Blue Cell.  Todd has worked on a variety of specialized projects over the course of a varied and diverse career. Recognized for having a “can do attitude” which is the result of strong personal beliefs and values with regard to leadership, mission orientation, and accomplishment. Todd began his career began in the United States Marine Corps Select Reserves.  He served as a Police Officer / SWAT Team member and law enforcement sniper, as an interim Chief of Police, and seven years as an Emergency Manager for a Fire Protection District. Formally qualified as a type III planning section chief with incident management team experience and over 25 all hazard deployments to both Incident Command Posts and Emergency Operations Center locations (local and state level).  Todd, his wife, their married adult children and 5 grandchildren live in Colorado. 

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