APS Virtual Courses Available!

APS Virtual Courses Available!

Are you looking to complete your APS (Advanced Professional Series) Certificate?  Here are The Blue Cell’s virtual classes that will help you complete the punch list to become APS Certified.  Many of these courses are scheduled based upon request.  Find out who in your county/region/state needs a course and email jimerickson@thebluecell.com to book a date and get it scheduled.

G 557: Rapid Needs Assessment - VIRTUAL
G 205: Recovery from Disaster: The Local Community Role - VIRTUAL
G 393: Mitigation for Emergency Managers- VIRTUAL
G 288: Local Volunteer and Donations Management - VIRTUAL
G 364: Multi Hazard Planning For Schools- VIRTUAL
G 202: Debris Management Planning for State, Tribal, and Local Officials - VIRTUAL
G 386: Mass Fatalities Incident Response - VIRTUAL
G 361: Flood Fight Operations - VIRTUAL
G 108: Community Mass Care Management - VIRTUAL
G 358: Evacuation and Re-entry Planning - VIRTUAL
G 290: Basic Public Information Officers - VIRTUAL
G 271: Hazardous Weather and Flood Preparedness - VIRTUAL
G 272: Warning Coordination - VIRTUAL
G 235: Emergency Planning - VIRTUAL
G 141: Instructional Presentation and Evaluation Skills - VIRTUAL
Addition virtual FEMA G-series classes periodically offered with seats available:
G 548: Continuity Program Manager - VIRTUAL - June 29-30
G 550: Continuity Planners Workshop - VIRTUAL - July 28-30
G 2300: Intermediate Emergency Operations Center Functions - VIRTUAL - July 20-22

There is still time to take advantage of the SUMMER21 discount code. 21% discount on all virtual class seats purchased before July 4, 2021. This code can be used for any virtual class on any date.  (Cannot be combined with any other discounts.)


Jim Erickson The Blue Cell Emergency Management Virtual Training

Jim Erickson has been working with the Public Safety and Emergency Management industries for 13 years providing hi-speed mass communication services, content and training management solutions, and disaster planning and damage assessment systems.Prior to entering the Public Safety and Emergency Management markets, Jim spent 20 years selling enterprise and government products and services with Moore North America, Rosetta Technologies, and Xerox Corporation.

Jim was born and raised in Southern California and relocated to Colorado with his wife, Ann, in 2000.  They have four sons, whom Jim has helped mentor through The Boy Scouts of America program, as well as many other young men, having served as Scoutmaster, Committee Chairman, and Outdoor Program Advisor.  In addition to enjoying all the outdoor activities the Scouts has to offer, Jim enjoys off-roading in his Jeep and home-brewing.

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