2021 North American Virtual Training and Exercise Conference

Are you trying to figure out how to bring your team up to standards regarding training and exercises but are not sure how to execute a plan?  

The 2021 North American Virtual Training and Exercise Conference hosted by The Blue Cell will feature the latest techniques in virtual training, testing, information and facilitation space.  This Conference will show you the benefits to hosting your own virtual training and exercises.  Leaders in this industry are sharing information learned to bring your team’s training and exercise into this current bold new world of interaction.  

North American Virtual Training and Exercise Conference NAVTEC The Blue Cell Virtual Training


There will be 15 speakers and topics and 20 select conference collaborators and partners.  The advantages to bring your team into this new digital age are endless!  From money saved, to schedule conflicts, you won’t want to miss out on this conference to gain the leading edge in the training industry! This conference is not limited to the Emergency & Disaster Management profession only.  Information gained will be beneficial to all industries who have a training and exercise gap that needs to be filled! 

Emergency and disaster management training ICS300 ICS400 NAVTEC The Blue Cell

The North American Virtual Training and Exercise Conference will take place November 16-19, 2021 and will begin at 0900 MST each day.  As a participant, you will have access to conference downloads daily.  

Our Exciting Lineup Includes:

  • Use of Platforms - Pat Gerdes
  • The Grind- How To Teach Day In and Day Out - Dan Stutz and Dave Reid
  • Here's How We Do It Up North / Canada's Virtual Approaches - Mike Curtis
  • Airport Triennial Exercising - Case Study - Nora Yotsov
  • Corporate Virtual Applications - Case Study - Lonna Cain
  • Programing and Scheduling Lessons Learned - Pat Gerdes
  • Presenting Unique Curriculum - Kristin Pulatie
  • Simultaneous Virtual and Live Delivery (The Public Education Approach) - Chelsea Manns
  • Use of Virtual Techniques on Type 1 and Type 2 Incidents - Tracy LeClair
  • Adapting MEP Techniques to Virtual Exercises - Erica Hupka
  • EOC level Functional Exercising Virtually - Mike Curtis
  • TTX Basics - Erica Hupka
  • Advanced Exercise Tools Applied Virtually - Todd Manns

Click here to go to  the registration page! Or here if you would like to sponsor the NAVTEC Conference!   We will see YOU at the Conference!


Melanie Binversie ICS300 ICS400 Virtual Training Melanie Binversie is a Marine Corps wife and mother of three originally from rural Virginia but currently living in Okinawa Japan, formerly of Aurora, Colorado. Melanie earned a Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude in Emergency Management and a Minor in Intelligence Studies from American Military University in West Virginia.  Melanie has previously worked for many years in Fire and EMS, a lab technician and also as a medic at a jail.  She has earned many awards including Fort Belvoir Military Spouse of the Year, Heroes at Home Marine Corps Spouse of the Year.  In her free time Melanie loves to read, write, go camping with her family and travel around the world.  world

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