The Blue Cell, LLC

Complete ICS Refresher- Virtual

$ 150.00
  • Complete ICS Refresher- Virtual

The Blue Cell, LLC

Complete ICS Refresher- Virtual

$ 150.00
$ 150.00

After years of requests and a number of varied deliveries at The Blue Cell we are ready to roll out our Complete ICS Refresher. Designed as a 5 to 6 hour virtual course, if you took ICS years ago, want to renew your understanding on the topic, have new challenges that have arisen with recent events or need some continuing education hours sign up.

-This refresher is NOT designed as a replacement for any official ICS course.

-It is NOT going to make the participant an IC ready to handle anything.

-It is NOT designed to meet any specific grant requirement.

What the refresher does do is re-enforce previous ICS training that may have been delivered some time ago. It places emphasis on the key points and fundamentals of ICS and it applies contemporary examples of that each participant can understand and relate to.

The refresher is also a complimentary offering to ICS 402 and also can serve as an appropriate topics for annual trainings and ongoing / continuing education hours. 

Opposed to another PowerPoint of 100 slides the CICSR will incorporate the best of our proprietary tools from The Blue Cell Simulation Site, Exercise Packages, Diorama Settings and broadcast from our Interactive Active Training Center. 

Click below to read an article on the Complete ICS Refresher.


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We take standard curriculum and tailor our instruction to the audience, discipline and jurisdiction at hand


We incorporate straight from the headlines information on in all course instruction and exercise facilitation


We deliver training and exercise services by request on short and long range scheduling timelines