The Blue Cell, LLC

Chelsea County USA Subscription

$ 2,500.00
  • Chelsea County USA Subscription

The Blue Cell, LLC

Chelsea County USA Subscription

$ 2,500.00

Our fully functional web simulation environment offers an enormous variety of possibilities with three differently sized communities in the county, multiple locations that include fire, law enforcement, ems , hospitals, schools, public works, operational airport, public health, county fairgrounds.

Resource management and 15 trailered plans ( EOP, COOP, Mass Fatality and more ) bring a level of matched realism

The site features fully functioning emails for key County personnel, a live working dispatch phone and extensive mapping , CCUSA raises the bar on notional, command, decision making training.

With literally hundreds of typed resources and character names the exercise possibilities are endless. CCUSA can be combined with all other computer solutions ( Salamander, Orion, Facebook and Veoci ) and can even be explored and supported three dimensionally when enhanced with The Blue Cell diorama product Command School TTX. 

For long term notional operations annual subscribers receive notional off site support from The Blue Cells ITC in Aurora, Colorado 2 times a year as part of the subscription service. On supported exercise days live dispatch, email responses, and social media interaction are supplied. Must be scheduled 45 days in advance. 


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We take standard curriculum and tailor our instruction to the audience, discipline and jurisdiction at hand


We incorporate straight from the headlines information on in all course instruction and exercise facilitation


We deliver training and exercise services by request on short and long range scheduling timelines