The Blue Cell, LLC Apprenticeship Program

The TBCAP is the result of multiple inquiries to create a situation where consequence management professionals, with four year or advanced degrees related to the fields of emergency management, project management or public safety could gain direct pertinent experience working inside The Blue Cell, LLC.

The program is directly administered by the Founding Owner / Managing Partner of the firm. Program participants receive an official orientation to the company.

New apprentices are given assignments that range from attending meetings and briefings, attending courses, observing exercises, reading through plans.

With time these activities evolve to taking notes and more directly supporting meetings and briefings, assisting with course deliveries, participating on the planning team for an exercise, having a role during an exercise delivery and proof reading / editing plans.

Towards the end of the one-year program, apprentices take on numerous assignments within operations, work on proprietary Blue Cell product lines and are given access to high profile Blue Cell clients that include CEOs, Military General Officers, Public Officials as high as Governors and adjoining staffs and leaders of response organizations at all levels. 

Coaching and mentoring are constant and strategic certification opportunities are well thought out. Apprentices are required to document their journey on a selected Blue Cell social media platform.

The position is compensated. In the case of required travel, the company provides all travel costs. An apprentice that locates and finds a full-time job is allowed to leave the program at any time during the year with no obligation back to the company.

This is a competitive process within TBC with only one apprentice being on staff at a time. Kind of like the Jedi order. On rare occasions a second (a spare may be added during the calendar year). Kind of like the royal family.

The apprentice position within TBC may be the most demanding job in the company, other than the Founding Owner / Managing Partner, with very high expectations, however the insight gained is just like that commercial says. PRICELESS !.  

The 2023 First Apprentice is Corie Porath. Corie has a Bachelors in Emergency Management and Disaster Science from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and will be working in the training and exercise cells of the company.