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ICS 209 Incident Summary 4 Page Laminated Wallchart- 24 x 36

$ 152.00
  • ICS 209 Incident Summary 4 Page Laminated Wallchart- 24 x 36

The NIMS Store

ICS 209 Incident Summary 4 Page Laminated Wallchart- 24 x 36

$ 152.00
Great Tool In Laminated Format for the Command Post, EOC or Policy Room 

Purpose. The ICS 209 is used for reporting information on significant incidents. It is not intended for every incident, as
most incidents are of short duration and do not require scarce resources, significant mutual aid, or additional support and
attention. The ICS 209 contains basic information elements needed to support decisionmaking at all levels above the incident to support the incident. Decisionmakers may include the agency having jurisdiction, but also all multiagency coordination system (MACS) elements and parties, such as cooperating and assisting agencies/organizations, dispatch centers, emergency operations centers, administrators, elected officials, and local, tribal, county, State, and Federal agencies. Once ICS 209 information has been submitted from the incident, decisionmakers and others at all incident support and coordination points may transmit and share the information (based on its sensitivity and appropriateness) for access and use at local, regional, State, and national levels as it is needed to facilitate support.

Accurate and timely completion of the ICS 209 is necessary to identify appropriate resource needs, determine allocation
of limited resources when multiple incidents occur, and secure additional capability when there are limited resources due
to constraints of time, distance, or other factors. The information included on the ICS 209 influences the priority of the
incident, and thus its share of available resources and incident support.


The ICS 209 is designed to provide a “snapshot in time” to effectively move incident decision support information where it
is needed. It should contain the most accurate and up-to-date information available at the time it is prepared. However,
readers of the ICS 209 may have access to more up-to-date or real-time information in reference to certain information
elements on the ICS 209. Coordination among communications and information management elements within ICS and
among MACS should delineate authoritative sources for more up-to-date and/or real-time information when ICS 209
information becomes outdated in a quickly evolving incident.

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