First Time Virtual Offering

G 393: Mitigation for Emergency Managers- VIRTUAL

$ 200.00
  • G-393 Virtual Online FEMA G393 Mitigation for Emergency

First Time Virtual Offering

G 393: Mitigation for Emergency Managers- VIRTUAL

$ 200.00
$ 200.00
This course is designed to enable the non-technical emergency worker to acquire skills in the use of mitigation. The course provides training in how to perform mitigation activities fundamental to reducing and eliminating long-term risk from hazards. It addresses the important roles of the emergency program manager (or other local government representative) in mitigation: motivator, coordinator, and monitor in local implementation of the National Mitigation Strategy.

Selection Criteria: State, local, and tribal government emergency program managers, other emergency management staff, and other local government employees responsible for mitigation. The secondary audience includes Federal emergency management personnel and employees of federal, state, and local governments who work in the emergency management field.

Course Objectives

  • Analyze reasons for differences between optimal and actual mitigation roles of the emergency program manager.
  • Determine strategies to build support for mitigation planning in your community.
  • Analyze hazard risks for a given scenario.
  • Propose a mitigation strategy for a particular hazard.
  • Develop a mitigation plan implementation strategy for a given scenario.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a community’s mitigation planning efforts.
  • Recommend actions to optimize the mitigation role of the emergency program manager.

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