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Course Description:

The goal of this professional development course, G191 ICS EOC Interface (Emergency Operations Center/Incident Command System Interface), is to enable the students to develop an effective interface between the Incident Command/Unified Command and the Emergency Operations Center by applying National Incident Management System principles.    

Target Audience:
This course, similar to FEMA G191 Online, is designed for state and local personnel responsible for developing, staffing, managing and operating an EOC and coordinating EOC operations with a field command post.

G 191 ICS EOC Interface Online Instructor Led Objectives:

  • Explain the course structure and potential ICS/EOC interface challenges.
  • Explain key NIMS concepts, command and coordination systems, and structures.
  • Analyze given scenarios to determine commonalities and potential interface issues between ICS and EOCs.
  • Explain the respective roles and interconnectivity of the NIMS command and coordination systems in coordination.
  • Contrast the typical role and functions of the Incident Command and the EOC during emergency operations.
  • Analyze given scenarios to apply ICS/EOC interface concepts.
  • Develop an ICS/EOC interface action plan for your community.
  • Summarize the course objectives

Value Added Feature- We have added one additional segment that specifically addresses how these concepts apply to those in Public Health and Public Works Department Operations Centers, Law Enforcement Personnel, those individuals serving in the National Guard and application for those who are completing a task book and IMT situations.


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