The Blue Cell, LLC

G 235: Emergency Planning - VIRTUAL

$ 200.00
  • G-235 Virtual Online FEMA G235 Emergency Planning

The Blue Cell, LLC

G 235: Emergency Planning - VIRTUAL

$ 200.00
$ 200.00
This course offers training in the fundamentals of the emergency planning process, including the rationale behind planning. It will develop the capability for effective participation in the all-hazard emergency operations planning process to save lives, protect property and the environment threatened by disaster.

Selection Criteria: This course is designed for emergency management personnel who are involved in developing an effective emergency planning system.

Course Objectives

  • Describe how recent disasters have changed the way governments at all levels should plan.
  • Explain how the Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG) 101 helps state, local, and tribal governments determine and structure their planning requirements.
  • Relate emergency planning to National Incident Management System (NIMS) compliance and integration.
  • Associate planning principles and concepts to the overall planning process.
  • Identify how the steps in the planning process can improve both deliberate and crisis action planning.
  • Implement the planning process model for future planning efforts.
  • Determine which Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) format is best suited to their jurisdictions.

G Courses offered virtually are in coordination with Colorado DSHSEM / State Training Officer. All Blue Cell lead instructors are State Certified. Participants are welcomed from outside Colorado. Consult with your States Training Officer for any additional application or certification requirements.

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