The Blue Cell, LLC

Business Disaster Resiliency and Continuity Academy (On Campus)

$ 750.00
  • Business Disaster Resiliency and Continuity Academy (On Campus)

The Blue Cell, LLC

Business Disaster Resiliency and Continuity Academy (On Campus)

$ 750.00
$ 750.00

The Business Disaster Resiliency and Continuity Academy (BDRCA) is the first of its kind in the United States.  This Business Continuity Course is designed on the best practices of government, academia and private sector response.  

Comprehensive, relevant and contemporary in design; the BDRCA is for anyone who identifies as a private sector emergency manager, business continuity professional, risk manager, or is simply focused on consequence management at some level in their organization. The 1 week of instruction culminates with a capstone functional exercise implementing the advanced concepts presented in the Business Disaster Resiliency and Continuity Academy and utilizes The Blue Cell’s online training environment Chelsea County USA.  

Topic covers the following key topics: 

  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Preparedness and Resiliency  
  • ICS Basics for Business
  • Fundamentals of Exercise Design
  • Management by Objectives
  • Decision Making Processes in An Emergency
  • Is Your Agency A Highly Reliable Organization ?
  • Assessing People, Processes and Products
  • Information Protection / Intelligence Actions
  • Situational Awareness vs. Common Operating Picture


The Blue Cell, LLC provides support and special discounts for students / participants of our destination courses. We are 20 minutes from Denver International Airport. For destination courses we limit the in-person number to 10 per course. Additional student / participants are also admitted for virtual instructor lead delivery. Below is a short video on our training location. 

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We take standard curriculum and tailor our instruction to the audience, discipline and jurisdiction at hand


We incorporate straight from the headlines information on in all course instruction and exercise facilitation


We deliver training and exercise services by request on short and long range scheduling timelines