The Blue Cell, LLC

G 271: Hazardous Weather and Flood Preparedness - VIRTUAL

$ 200.00
  • G-271 Virtual Online FEMA G271 Hazardous Weather and Flood Preparedness

The Blue Cell, LLC

G 271: Hazardous Weather and Flood Preparedness - VIRTUAL

$ 200.00
$ 200.00
This course provides training for local and state emergency managers who respond to hazardous weather events, while promoting partnership and coordination between the National Weather Service (NWS) and emergency managers. The goal of this course is to enhance emergency managers’ ability to recognize potentially hazardous weather and flooding situations so they are equipped to plan appropriately and to coordinate effective responses.

Selection Criteria: The audience for the course will encompass primarily the following professional groups:

  • Local emergency managers (i.e., county, city, parish, or other jurisdiction)
  • State emergency management personnel
  • Voluntary agency representatives
  • Private sector emergency managers

Course Objectives

  • Analyze how the components of weather interact to create hazardous weather.
  • Anticipate the impact of hazardous weather events to enhance preparedness.
  • Evaluate actions taken by emergency managers to prepare for and respond to actual hazardous weather events.
  • Interpret information contained in NWS forecast and warning products and other weather resources.
  • Assess your community’s state of readiness for hazardous weather and flooding events.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of emergency response actions for a given scenario.

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